I’ve been focused a lot on work lately. Usually, work isn’t quite as time consuming as it has been through the last couple of months, but this year it has.

I do enjoy my day job. I get to work with a wide variety of wonderful people. I also get to focus on student learning, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly.

I do want to post more of the great ideas and implementations of student learning that I come across (and occasionally develop). Here are a couple of things that I need to post:

  • Student submitted videos in Moodle
  • Using Moodle to help develop vocabulary skills
  • Creating a Reading Log in Moodle
  • Students sharing work in Moodle
  • FlashCards in Moodle (I’ve posted about this before)
  • H5P and interactive videos in Moodle

Hopefully, I can start posting about some of these projects soon. Until then, keep working hard for student success.