“You make me a better educator.”


Words can be powerful. Sometimes, you never know where that power is going to come from.

I was finishing up a meeting with some wonderful Moodle users tonight. We had chatted about a variety of strategies and use cases. A few shared what they are doing in Moodle. It was a good meeting with some great people. I’ve been in plenty of meetings like this.

This one turned out different. As I was leaving, the organizer of the group thanked me for coming. I thanked her in return for allowing me to be part of the group and her efforts in connecting people together. Then she said something that floored me

“Thank you for all you do. You make me a better educator”

WOW. I didn’t really know what to say. I’m sure that I wasn’t very elegant in my response. I know that I thanked her and said something about being in this for learning. But, I’m sure that it wasn’t as powerful as the gift that she gave me.

I’m very thankful for what she said. I hope that if someone makes a difference for you, you share a similar expression with them. I can tell you that those powerful words touched me very deeply.