It has been my pleasure to provide a wide variety of professional development experiences. My presentations focus on applying learning into the classroom. I’ve presented on Student Centered Learning strategies and many uses of technology. I continually present and work with teachers as part of my day job. Below are some of the conference presentations that I’ve delivered.  If you’d like to know more, please contact me.

Glossary – It’s more than just words

The Glossary Module is a wonderful tool within Moodle. It can be used for many things, beyond just a “glossary”. Learn how to supercharge your Glossary. Learn the basics of the glossary. Learn how to extend the use of the Glossary to provide a terrific experience for your users. Choose to either listen and soak in the presentation or create with me as we go (requires access to a Moodle course). January 2016

Moodle – Make Moodle Work for You

Setting up an online course from scratch is hard. Learn how you can leverage powerful features built into Moodle to make blended learning easier to use for staff, students, and your IT people. From simplifying the frontpage to leveraging the powerful sharing features, this session will spark discussions about how to better provide blended learning opportunities for students.

Moodle Admin – Improve Moodle from the Inside Out

This workshop is designed for Moodle Administrators. Discover how to simplify your Moodle homepage to be an
asset not a distraction. Explore advanced plugins and filters that enhance Moodle. Learn about how User Roles
can promote sharing of content and better collaboration within Moodle. Attendees will need to have administrator
rights. We will be demonstrating from a Moodle 2.7 server. Most of what you learn can be accomplished by a
Moodle Administrator on the front end of Moodle. (Co-Presented with Chris Kenniburg- January 2015).

Blended Learning with Moodle.

Presented at Michigan Association of Middle School Educators Statewide Conference. March 22nd, 2014.

Creating a form in Google Docs

4T Virtual Conference. Teachers Training Teachers about Technology. May 2012

Google Apps for the Classroom

Duvall Tech Camp

MAMSE 2012

Google Tools

4T Virtual Conference.

Google Forms – Tips and Tricks

MAEDS 2105 Conference

Learner Centered Instruction

This presentation focused on using best practices and student focused strategies.

Baker College. March 27, 2012.


Dearborn Public Schools inservice. April 11, 2008. Focusing on how to use podcasting within the classroom.

Professional Learning Networks

MIJEC – Michigan Joint Education Conference statewide conference. June 23, 2010.

MAMSE – Michigan Association of Middle School Educators statewide conference. March 2010

NMSA – National Middle School Association National conference. 2009

MAMSE – Michigan Association of Middle School Educators statewide conference. March 2009

Duvall Tech Camp. May 12, 2010.

Tech Tools for the Classroom

Duvall Tech Camp